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We are Wiz, a company that develops and implements business optimization solutions, combining financial and insurance services to meet clients’ needs.

We operate primarily as Caixa Seguradora’s insurance broker, and we are the exclusive broker in the sale of individual and corporate insurance products, Pension plans, Capitalization plans and Consortiums, in the distribution channels of CAIXA, one of Brazil’s major banks, counting with a client base comprised of over 85 million clients.

Throughout over 40 years of market experience, we developed and implemented integrated multichannel platforms for client relations and sales, which secures our presence in the entire national territory and grant more access and agility to our clients.

Furthermore, due to our asset light business model, we demand low levels of investments in fixed capital to support our development.

The main distribution channel which we have access to is CAIXA’s branch network, and is comprised of:

3,411 CAIXA branches.
11,931 independent bank correspondents;
13,096 lottery outlets;
In addition to our experience, our operation is supported by the credibility of CAIXA as a brand, which is considered one of world’s most valued brand within financial institutions, according to a 2014 ranking published by British consultancy agency, Brand Finance.

Main products commercialized through CAIXA‘s branch network


This includes individual life insurance policies offered to CAIXA´s clients through its branches. It is currently our most important product in terms of revenue. Life Insurance is extremely important in the bancassurance model, and we believe that it has great potential for growth among CAIXA‘s client base. The sale of life insurance is suited to using bancassurance channel mainly due to: (i) the simplicity of the product, (ii) agility at the time of the sale, as well as convenient payment through automatic debiting from client‘s bank accounts.

Life Insurance is divided into two main segments:

Individuals: Offered directly throughout the entire branch network of CAIXA´s checking and savings account holders. The main product in this segment is ‘Vida da Gente’, which provides coverage for death by natural causes and accidents, and offers benefits including monthly raffles, a Home Check-up program, and funeral assistance. Other products for individuals include ‘Amparo’ insurance, which is sold exclusively through lottery outlets and independent banking agents.

Corporate: Offered to CAIXA’s corporate client base, which mainly comprises small and medium-sized companies. The main product in the segment is ‘Vida Empresarial’, which provides simplified coverage and benefits, in line with the profile of CAIXA´s clients.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance is essential for the granting of home loans. The purchase of mortgage Insurance is mandatory in Brazil when a client obtains a home loan. The product includes two types of coverage:

Death or permanent disability insurance: This insurance guarantees that in the event of the death or disability of the insured, the home financing contract will be settled by the insurer. The cost of this life insurance changes depending on the age of the contracting party at the time the financing contract is signed, and on age classification adjustments that take place every five years.

Physical property damage: This insurance protects against structural damage to property, and its cost is based on CAIXA’s assessment of the value of the property.

The commission revenue from mortgage insurance represents a significant strategic advantage for us, given that the stream of long-term payments generates a revenue stock, meaning that sales originated in previous years are even more relevant than new sales in terms of brokerage revenues, thus affording us a more predictable revenue stream.

Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance serves as a guarantee to the party that obtains the financing and in the event of death or disability of the insured, their debt will be discharged. This insurance represents an important comfort both to the contracting party, as it eliminates the risk that their family must bear the debt in the event of death, and to the lending financial institution, because it diminishes defaults and guarantees the settlement of the debt in the event of a claim.

P&C (Auto, Residential Property and Business Multi-Risk)

P&C comprises three product lines:

Auto: Caixa Seguradora Auto Insurance provides basic coverage for collision, fire, theft, robbery, personal injury and property damage caused to third parties. Additional coverage for windows and courtesy car, among others, may be added to the insurance policy. Our performance in selling auto insurance has contributed significantly to sustaining the growth levels of this product for Caixa Seguradora, given that purchases of Auto Insurance by clients frequently take place outside bancassurance channels. Accordingly, our remote distribution channels play a strategic role in the sale and renewal of auto insurance.

Residential Property: This product consists of insurance coverage to residential property owners. CAIXA’s environment provides great growth potential for residential property insurance, since CAIXA’s brand is strongly associated with mortgage. As it is a product that is renewable annually, it creates a long-term relationship with the client.

Business Multi-Risk: Business Multi-Risk Insurance is property insurance for corporate clients. The product offers a wide range of coverage to policyholders, above and beyond basic coverage for fire and explosion. Additional coverage can be included based on the business segment of the insured company. In addition, with the strengthening of the market for revolving credit to companies, several financial institutions have been requiring insurance coverage for transactions to guarantee business continuity.

Special Risks and Other Products

This group comprises the following products:

Special Risks: We commercialize special risks products through one of our subsidiaries. The sales of these products are originated both outside CAIXA’s environment, as well as through referrals made by the bank’s branches and its departments. The process of selling special risks insurance is consultative, and it depends on actuarial specifications regarding the underwriting risks to be accepted by the insurer. Since the sales process is more complex, the commission rates are usually higher than for bancassurance products. In this category, we sell products from other insurers outside CAIXA’s distribution channels, and the main products we sell are: (i) Various Warranties; (ii) Completion of Construction; (iii) Group Life; and (iv) Rural Insurance.

Other Products: This group includes commission revenue from the sale of three kinds of products: pension, consortium and capitalization plans. These products represent a small portion of our revenue and their main characteristic is the fact that in many cases they can serve as substitutes for traditional financial products such as savings, mortgage and investments.

Last Update on March 20, 2017